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What to Expect from a Facial on Groupon

As a birthday gift to myself I decided to get a facial (for $40 cause I’m not rich). Before today I was a facial virgin, here’s what to expect if you decide to get one:

First and foremost I went to LiWei Beauty located at 90 Bowery #405, NY, NY 10013 (This post is not sponsored but if anyone wants to run me my money that would be solid).

Upon my arrival the receptionist checked my Groupon to make sure I wasn’t a scammer and then she led me to a room where I was instructed to take off my clothes, put on a pink towel dress, and put all of my belongings in a drawer. I then laid down on a gray massage table that was about twin size.

Gentle-harmonious music set the ambiance as I waited with my eyes closed for something to happen. This experience was especially fun for me because with my eyes closed I had to essentially use my ears to see. The treatment began with various lotions massaged onto my face. The aroma of the lotions/creams were very relaxing. I tried hard to concentrate on the smells and let go of all the thoughts preventing me from unwinding. While the lotions were on there was a heat lamp directed on my face that emphasized products. After about 5 different items were put on my face this is when my skin care tech gave me a neck and shoulder massage. Who knew I was so tense! I felt her take our knot after knot with ease.

What came next I was not ready for…After I had reached a state of tranquility the tech wiped off the last lotion and placed a cover over my eyes. Then I felt a light shine on my face and the clacking of tools hitting each other. The next thing I felt was cool silver touch my face and pressure comparable to being stabbed slowly by tiny needles. All of my blemishes were popped and squeezed… slowly. This was the least enjoyable part of the facial because of the level of pain. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and this was enough for me to clench my fists. Beauty is pain people!

When I was laying there I initially thought they should have did the painful part first and then the calming lotions but my facial was not over yet. After the scraping I smelt an aroma similar to tea tree oil and the slight heat of a square tool that was used to spread oil along my skin. The heat form the tool allowed for feelings of blissfulness. This was followed by a different product painted on my face. I especially liked this product because of its cooling effect on my skin. Think of the sensation you get when you chew a piece of minty gum and inhale; now picture that but on your skin. I was left alone for what felt like ten minutes, during this time the product hardened into a mask. Thankfully, this mask did not hurt when peeled off. After the mask the tech rubbed two more products onto face and then told me of the promotions they were having. The combination of massage, aroma, and music was the perfect recipe for relaxation.

If you’re stressed or looking for an excuse to treat yourself I highly recommend getting a facial. The feeling of renewal that washed over me post appointment was definitely worth $40. 10/10 experience.




Let’s Talk About Mental Health

I’m here today to talk to you about mental health and why it is imperative that we erase the stigma around it. What is a stigma? Stigma (n): a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. We should not by any means associate mental health with the word disgrace. Your feelings are never a burden.

Let’s face it, it’s severely easier to pretend your life is all sunshine and rainbows than to face the reality that it’s not. We’ve become all-star pretenders, trust me I know from first hand experience. My Instagram is all the evidence I need. What content do I post? I curate my posts to only show the images I associate with my happiness. It’s human nature to want to show the world the best side of you but there’s so much more that goes on in life than the posts on a timeline. Our Instagram is not an accurate depiction of our real life.  

I’m human, therefore, I feel an array of emotions throughout the day not only happiness. Some days I am sad, others I am filled with rage. You know what though? This is okay. It’s okay to feel sadness, anger, and whatever other emotion you feel. What isn’t okay is letting your sadness eat away at you. My mind is my own worst enemy; there are days where I am at war with myself. I don’t quite know how to tell someone else I’m not okay. I find convenience in letting myself deal with my problems. This is where the flaw lies. Think of a snowball rolling down a mountain as it gains momentum it picks up more snow on the path down. This is how my mind works I think of one problem and before I know it I’m thinking of 50 other things wrong with my life and cursing myself.  

There was a time in my life where my personal darkness consumed me to the point of choosing self-harm. I would wake up every single day and wish I hadn’t. To be frank, I couldn’t tell what was the exact cause of my pain but to feel so alone inside yourself and to consistently choose darkness is not something we should do. Looking back now I don’t recognize that person I was, although she does make a guest appearance in my life every now and again. I’m hoping that my honesty will help others understand that they are not alone. If ever you need a person to talk to, I am here. We only get one life so you must constantly and consistently choose yourself. Struggling with yourself? Take a mental health day, you deserve it.  Life is an uphill battle I will not lie but I promise whatever hurt you are feeling will always heal with time. I’m living proof.  

I want to bring to attention Logic’s performance of 1-800-273-8255 at the 2017 VMA’s. I’ve never cried over an artist before, but this one got me. His song title is the number to the suicide prevention hotline. Please watch the video below it is so incredibly important. “I don’t want to cry anymore, I want to feel alive, I don’t even want to die anymore.” You. Are. Never. Alone.